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When choosing for a reliable and affordable septic systems repair service, let the dependable professionals at Bailey Septic Service handle the installation and repair of your septic systems.

We'll carefully inspect the job and give you an honest assessment if you need to get a new system installed if the problem is too big for repair.

H and H Septic Services

With 50 years of experience in the business, you can rely on us to have your system fix in case you choose not to get a new septic system installed.

We carry a full stock of inventory and can change pumps if necessary. Call us for a FREE estimate.

H and H Septic Services
Bailey Septic Tank Services

BAILEY SEPTIC SERVICES of North Alabama Licensed Insured

Bailey Septic


Bailey Septic is on call for 

Septic Tanks
Leach Fields
Holding Tanks

Whether from clogged leach field lines, to blocked discharge pipes, malfunction of your aeration pump or even a collapsed tank, Bailey Septic is on-call for your needs throughout the North Alabama area. 

In the wrong hands, troubleshooting your particular situation can make a bad problem even worse. Locating the problem, whether it's the septic tank the drain field or something in-between, takes in-the-field knowledge and experience to get it resolved as quickly and as cost-effective as possible. 

We're on-call and ready to meet your needs!

After hours, holidays and weekend service is available.
Locally owned and operated,  Bailey Septic has been providing reliable, responsive, and honest answers to your septic and waste treatment needs for more than 50 years. Call today for professional, knowledgeable service.

Bailey Septic


On Call Service For Any Septic System Emergency

Septic problems arrive unexpectedly with the uncanny ability to show up the day before the wedding or the night before the big girl scout sleepover! The cause can be a sudden pump breakdown or the result of a slow accumulation of problems from damaged pipes or an overloaded tank.

Whatever the reason, no time is a good time for sewage backup or wastewater pooling in the yard. Ugh!

Ranked #1 in Septic System Services

Get Effective Solutions for Your Septic System Needs

H and H Septic Services

Septic Pumping & Cleaning

Rely on the certified crew at Bailey Septic Services for all your septic tank service and maintenance-related needs. We serve Marshall County and surrounding areas.

H and H Septic Services

Septic System Installation

The technicians in our fully insured business are up-to-date and trained about waste water rules and regulations. Our trained team will make sure that every installation job is done right the first time.

H and H Septic Services

Septic System Repair

Don’t let an old or damaged septic system endanger the value of your home or stop you from enjoying it. Bailey Septic Service provides septic system repair and replacement services to ensure your septic and water system is in full working order at all times.

H and H Septic Services

Septic System Inspections

To ensure proper functioning and a long-life, routine maintenance and cleaning of your septic system is your best bet. Routine and regular inspections are the most cost-effective way to keep your septic system working properly.

Bailey Septic Tank Services

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